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nice, are the arrows their heading? I guess their still waiting to start... as their all still grouped together. Would like to be there, but I guess this is second best :-)

gonna check in later on.


they have started, so far the app. works fine, check it out now. It's high speed with the current 15 m/s.

anders gunneng

works OK, but there are some delay's on the history check box? but a great launch it is. When will we see this in sportsim? I'm an avid runner and use Sportsim, is there a wireless tracker I can use with Sportsim? There is also a special news site for this regatte here: http://www.seilmagasinet.no/frydenboDH06/
it's in Norwegian, but there are som cool MMS pics from the regatta.


sure, you can use the Google Maps Replay beta, already introduced to Sportsim users last year. We will develop that service further. The trackers used here are Guard Systems own and aimed at asset tracking which are their speciality, meaning they are not suitable for running, skiing etc.. too bad...


I'm from Vigo, it's a city on the coast of Galicia, "Spain". There are many regattas here, I will tip them off, maybe the organizers can do something similar. I also ran the Barcelona Marathon and web shared my track with friends, they loved it, but keep developing it!

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The company is a leading Norwegian company on asset tracking.

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