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I checked it out, and the stats are ok. For me it's more of a training diary than sportsim, but why can't you include this in Sportsim too?


I see your point, but this is not in our plans, so if you're in search for a more training diary type of software we recommend Sporttracks. We already had some other positive feedbacks on Sporttracks, and personally I like the UI and stat abilities. This is why why introduce this software to you, and it's free as in beer of course :-)


I checked Sportstat some months ago but decided to stay with Sportsim.

- I had a lot of work with scanned topographical maps and alignment that is already done in Sportsim, and I don't see any advantages in redoing this in Sporttracks
- Although Sporttracks does load aerial images from google maps, the quality for my region is far to low for them to replace scanned paper maps. Not to mention the missing path and height information.
- I don't feel very comfortable with the Sporttracks GUI, nor with the import options
- I'm not *that* interested in a training diary. I find it more enjoyable to have a route browsing catalog with fast links to routes in the same area and to have route comparision.

Initially my idea was to have Sportsim as my default track storage application, and to have Sporttrack as additional track viewer. I tried to export my whole Sportsim database into a single GPX file (140 Tracks, approx 9MB GPX file size) for reimporting it into Sporttracks. This showed to be unfeasible. After 3 or 4 tracks the import process slowed down dramatically (.. O(N^>3)?), and I was urged to kill the process.


based on testing and feedback we have decided to recommend Sporttracks to our community and see how that fly's. We see both negative and positive features with Sporttracks compared to Sportsim as some of you have alredy indicated to us. Some of you is already engaged in testing of the new Sportsim generation which will be more web based and aimed at mobile phones.

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